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With massive adoption statistics and some of the most famous social media icons in the world, the influence of social media is at an all-time high. Following years of constant and consistent growth,  DataReportal states the number of social network users in Canada is currently at a record 33.30 million – roughly 87.1% of its population. A population that in the current context is vastly active and accessible on social media.

With an average of at least 2 hours spent on social media each day, the shift in consumer behavior and accessing target audiences is a factor that businesses simply cannot ignore. Not only has the face of digital marketing evolved, but it has also changed how businesses interact with consumers; bridging geographical barriers and simplifying digital payments, all while offering consumers a seamless experience.

Facebook users in Canada

Statistics released by Meta show that Facebook currently services an estimated 20.9 million users, dominating the social media spectrum as at early 2022. What this means for businesses looking to leverage the platform is that Facebook’s advertising reach is now equivalent to 54.7% of the Canadian population – all of whom have access to the variety of Facebook and Facebook Messenger services. This allows businesses an unprecedented reach that traditional brick-and-mortar selling simply cannot compete with.

Instagram users in Canada

By the same token, visual media giant Instagram has roughly 17.4 million users across Canada with an advertising reach of 45.5% of its population – making it a rising star on the Canadian social media spectrum and offering a platform where businesses are able to visually interact with a wide range of audiences.

LinkedIn users in Canada

Networking and business directory, LinkedIn, covers a cross section of the country’s social media users, standing at 19 million users in early 2022 – roughly half of its population. The significance of this segment is that users are aged 18 and above, which indicates that all LinkedIn users are of employment age and group into varying degrees of income – allowing businesses to create target ad campaigns, streamline advertising processes and build more meaningful connections with potential and existing customers.

The question then becomes how viable social media marketing and digital marketing will prove to be in the long term. The steady increase in adoption suggests that an increasing number of Canadian consumers of all age groups are looking to social media and digital sources for information, communication and entertainment. This is further highlighted by the fact that traditional media formats can now be accessed online – shifting viewership from TV, radio and magazines towards digital channels.

With forecasts showing a marked growth across all platforms, the importance of a digital presence is vital. The rapid adoption of social media is well on its way to changing how individuals interact, seek information and make consumer decisions. Effectively and efficiently leveraging this will prove to be the deciding factor in the growth of almost any business – cementing the future as a truly digital domain.

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