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In an age where the endless scroll takes up a large proportion of people’s lives, the digital presence of your company is considered a necessity.

As at January 2022, DataReportal states that Canada’s total population was 38.23 million. Out of the total population the number of internet users was 36.89 million (96.5% of the total population) with the number of social media users being 33.30 million (87.1% of the total population).  Given these stats, it is vital that a company has a digital presence.

Showcase your offering and build trust

Studies indicate that 85% of potential customers, research a product or service prior to making a purchase. Having a website and social media presence can enable these clicks to generate into actual sales. The sky is the limit and an absence of a digital presence may result in a large opportunity lost. Your competitors that have a digital footprint will get the upper hand and be able to convert clicks into sales.

A website and social media presence helps clearly showcase your products and services. Testimonials and reviews from previous clients can help build trust online.

Create lasting impressions 

Research indicates that first impressions play a huge role in converting sales. In this day of easy information gathering, first impressions can be formed in around 7 seconds. Therefore, a clean, concise website and social media presence is integral in forming lasting impressions.

Build relationships with customers

A digital presence can help build a relationship with your customers. Posting regularly on social media keeps your business at the forefront of your client’s mind. This means that creating crisp, relatable content is a priority for building a relationship with your clientele.

Model a voice for your business

During the process of building relationships, it is important to model a voice for your business. What helps you stand out amongst your competitors is the stance and voice you take when it comes to your business.

Access a larger pool of customers

Naturally, a digital presence indicates a larger pool of customers. With targeted advertising strategies available online, you can tap into user generated information in order to identify who your potential clients are. Further, as the digital space is an invariably global one, a business’s customer group expands exponentially.

Reduce your overall marketing cost per client

Gone are the days where you had to allocate huge amounts of your business’s funds towards marketing campaigns. Now, marketing has become much more cost effective, with businesses being able to use specific tools to create targeted ads. By controlling who your advertising is exposed to, the overall cost per potential client is greatly reduced.

In conclusion, it is clear that building a reputation and curating great content is important for a business’s success. Partnering up with a specialist provider is key, as it ensures that you can capitalize on this immense potential in a smart and focused way.

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